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Step 1 – Download the latest version

By downloading the Aletheia software you agree to the following end-user licence agreement.

Download version 4.1.1066 (Lite/Pro, Windows 64 bit)

Alternative download for 4.1.1066 (Lite/Pro, Windows 64 bit)

Download version 4.0.1036 (Lite/Pro, Windows 64 bit)

Step 2 – Choose an Edition


Aletheia Lite offers essential features for viewing and editing page layout files. It supports various file formats including PAGE, ALTO and ABBYY FineReader XML. It comes with a free and unlimited licence for registered users (personal research).

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Aletheia Pro is a complete document analysis system offering a wide range of fully automated and assistive features including page recognition and OCR (Tesseract). The complete product is available to try for free for a limited period. Email us for extended academic use.

Features Lite Pro
File Import
ALTO, FineReader XML, hOCR
File Export
Text, Screenshot, Gamera XML, Bitonal image -
Image Processing
Binarisation (Manual, Otsu, Sauvola) -
Noise removal -
Manual editing -
Manual Page Content Editing
Rectangle and polygon tools
Content attributes (properties)
Reading order
Text content (transcription, editing)
Text line baselines -
Semi-Automated Page Content Editing
Assistive region creation ("shrink-wrapping") -
Auto-adjusting to child/parent content objects -
Merging, splitting of regions -
Text propagation to/from child content objects -
Assisted text line, word, glyph creation -
Fully Automated Tools
Full page analysis and recognition (Tesseract) -
OCR of individual page content objects (Tesseract) -
Page border detection -
Grid creation/editing -
Grid import/export -
Image dewarping -
Task-specific toolbars
Thumbnail view -
Styles and highlighting -
Additional Features
Page metadata
Page content statistics -
Quality assurance -
Experimental tools
Region detection (segmentation) -
Baseline detection -
Feature extraction -
Typewritten OCR -